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  Option 1) Pages Created and Maintained through the "Pasos on the Web!" web site.
Option 2) Web Site Creation and Management with
Your Own Domain Name.
Option 3) Classified Advertising: now offered due to increased requests for this service.
Option 4) Show Case your Special Event - Special rates!

A little background on Pasos on the Web!

"Pasos on the Web!" has been in existance since 1997. It's purpose is to provide a resource for information, products and services related to the Peruvian Paso Horse.

The primary site includes:
Articles by Judges and Historians
Show Schedules
Show Results
Clubs and Contact Information
Breed Publications
Laureado Awards
Past Champions in the U.S. and in Peru
Links to Owners and Breeders of Peruvian horses
Links to Services Related to the Breed
Links to Related Information:
(ie) Horse health, artwork, other Peruvian web sites plus more!
"Pasos on the Web!" is constantly expanding.

"Pasos on the Web!" site has been visited, on the average, by 1000+ visitors each month and the numbers are increasing. I have personally received email from visitors in locations such as Costa Rica, Ecuador, Israel, England, Canada, Panama, Argentina, Germany, India, Peru and across the U.S. who are interested in the breed. This has become a great marketing tool for the breed because of the ease of access by millions of people who "surf the net" each and every day.

"Pasos on the Web!" web site was created so that the public would have access to a reference library filled with educational information and, at the same time, it would become a promotion tool for this wonderful breed. The money that is generated from each web site, that I design and place through this domain, goes to support this site for the enjoyment and education of all. The fees I charge are well below industry rates and are exclusively for Peruvian Horse Owners/Breeders and Aficionados. I feel the more information that is available and shared, the better for the entire breed and those associated with it.
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Information and Pricing here.
Please complete the request form below for more information.

Your site can be up and running in less than a week (usually 2-3 days) once I receive your information and payment. You may include actual photos or digital images.

Thank you!

I look forward to providing
this service for you!

"Pasos on the Web!
Brigitte Dubin



Sample Sites: Cost and Inclusions

Option 1. A basic web site under "Pasos on the Web!" domain that you might consider for your horse business. This can be easily modified for any other business.
  4 Full-Color Web Pages: all pages are linked to each other.

  Page 1: Home Page w/ introduction to your business with photo(s)
Page 2: Sales list of your horses w/ photos & descriptions
Page 3: Stallions standing w/ photos & descriptions or your broodmare list.
Page 4: Training Center/Services w/ photos & descriptions or a list of awards won.


This Site Includes The Following:

Set-up of your pages with maintenance for one full year from date the site is placed
Photos for horses or items offered on each page (limit 10/page)
Your business logo
to your Email address(s)
Links to up to 10 web site addresses of your choice
Counter to tally the number of visitors to your pages
Registration with the major "search networks"
Link from "Pasos on the Web!"
Your web site address would be:

This is an investment with the potential opportunity for millions of people around the world to be able to access your pages.

You are not limited to just these 4 pages. Your site can grow as needed for a nominal additional cost.  We have private websites that are hundreds of pages, with a single page devoted to each of the broodmares, stallions and their offspring.

There is an Annual fee for your site (after the first year).

Changes can be made to your pages, as you need, during the year, at minimal cost depending on the technical involvement.

At the end of the year, I will send a statement, as a reminder, and you may then determine if the site was an investment that you would like to have remain the same or upgrade with your own domain name.

Do You Need a Site on the Smaller Scale?

~ Two Page Site with the same benefits as the 4 page site listed above

~ One Page Site with the same as above with exception: 5 links instead of 10

Option 2. Site with Your Own Domain Name

  Set-up as the 4 page site listed above with your own domain name: Fee includes the domain name registration fees and reservation for 2 years and includes server hosting for 1 year.

Annual fee after the first year (includes server hosting for 1 year)

Reasonable fee for each additional page set-up.

Your own domain-name site gives you space for unlimited pages and photos for horses, products, services offered, email accounts with forwarding. Optional services provide guestbook, forms, and page counter.

Your web site address would be:

Option 3. Classified Advertising

  One basic fee for set-up and maintenance with 6 & 12 month option.
Ads are 50 words or less. One photo can be included or your logo.
Classified ads will be listed by Catagory and State.
Cost is $50 for 6 months and $75 for 12 months

Option 4. Showcase Your Important Events

  Have a Clinic, Seminar, Open House coming up?
Offering a "One Page Site" Special Rate!

Advertise your event with an affordable full color web page! It will be linked from Pasos on the Web!'s main page and from the show/events page, staying in place until your event is over. If you send a write up about the event right after, I will be happy to place the information on your page and leave your page up on the Pasos on the Web! site for the remainder of the year for added exposure.

Sites and classified ads will be placed after payment is received.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

Click on the link below and complete the form to receive more information about advertising options and pricing.  Thank You!

Advertising Information Form

Originally placed: March 6, 1998
Last modified: October 02, 2008
Website designer: Brigitte Dubin
Website: Pasos on the Web!