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Industry Testimonials

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On Monday night, I spoke to a group of about 20 wine and beer makers
and had each one sample 5 different wines. There were 10 wines total with 5 being in a magnetic field (your device) and 5 non-magnetized. Almost everyone noticed the difference between the magnetized and non-magnetized wine. Most felt, as from other tests, that the magnetized wine had a better aroma, better taste, and a finer aftertaste. With that distinction which is very important, most felt that they preferred the magnetized wine. A few preferred the non-magnetized wine since it was sharper and would compliment food better. The magnetized wine was preferred for sipping and also with food. This came down to somewhat of a personal preference on taste, however, almost everyone agreed that the magnetic field indeed had an influence on the wine.

Consumer Testimonial

Indeed this gadget is the Perfect Sommelier, it didn't complain when we challenged it by placing a young sharp 3-for-$10 bottle 'under its nose' and waited to taste the results. Actually, this was the cooking wine for in the red sauce, and ended up being served with the meal! The carefully selected (expensive) bottle was opened as well, but when it came time for refills, the vote was for the Perfect Sommelier - it paid for itself in that one evening. > > We've gifted several to those who have everything else, and gotten some unsure receptions upon the unwrapping. But we just encourage people to give it a go and let the results speak for themselves. Every single recipient has come back to thank us for this amazing little bit of "dinner party insurance". > > So, if in your house the good wine is in the bottom of the bottle (by the time you drink that far.. ) then this little gadget is for you! We've now field (table?) tested on a huge variety of bargain reds and the magic really works - and yes it does an admirable job polishing those premium bottles too.  Dorothy



As promised, I carried out an experiment with the TPS. I had the assistance of a number of my wine associates. As you know, I am a professor with R..... University and more importantly, I am a scientist. I look at everything with a certain amount of skepticism, until I see data or conduct my own tests. Thus I was skeptical about the TPS. I can tell you now that my skepticism is gone and I am now a believer. We used the TPS on a Washington state Merlot and the difference between the control and the TPS bottle was very apparent, obvious to even the most novice of tasters. The TPS Merlot was much more open, showing a full, black fruit nose which was not apparent in the control. There also was a complexity there that the control lacked. On the palate, the acidity was less noticeable and the tannins were softer than the control. Again, the black fruit character was more evident in the TPS wine. The finish was softer, and the tannins less rough than the
control. I would have to say that the experiment definitely showed that the TPS is everything that it claims to be. I didn't believe, but I believe it now. I am anxious to try the TPS on other wines with other nonbelievers. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try your product. I guess it's true, there is always something new to learn about wine.
G.P. Phd

I have tried out the PS with interesting results....they would describe more aroma in the PS wine and softer mouth feel.  The wine we were doing was a 98 vintage from PA so it was not a very "tight" wine.  Still there were some positive things going on.  I noted some increased intensity of the nose, although the high acidity of the wine made it difficult to discern tannin differences.  The PS wine was definitely more enjoyable.  Thanks again and take care, joe


Joseph A. F, Ph.D.

Specialist in Viticulture and Small Fruit


Home Brew/Brew on Premise                                                              

I took one to my Father in Law, he makes wine of his own ….The Perfect Sommelier made a very noticeable difference.
We also tried it out on a batch of Raspberry wine that had gone wrong. He lost electric power twice in storms while making this wine and it was as sharp as champagne. It made one or both of your eyes shut Tight when it was tried. To our surprise it smoothed even this catastrophe out to where it was enjoyable.
…it was a success.


I have come to the following conclusion regarding The Perfect Sommelier. It DOES change the flavor of the wine. We have sold about a dozen to various customers, at this point, all whom seem to be thrilled with the results.

The Perfect Sommelier softens tannins. It brings out fruit flavor inherent in the wine. I enjoy fruitiness in wine, and found most wines enhanced by 30 to 60 minutes of magnetic aging.

I continue to use my Sommelier. I enjoy the fruitiness that comes out of the aroma and flavor.




Wine Makers                                                                                       

I cannot tell you how pleased we are with the  Sommelier.  We have  tried sampling the wines before using your product and after, and the results have been remarkable.  The wines showed a sharpness  before using the Sommelier which was completely gone after.  I sent a Sommelier to my brother-in-law, who is a veritable wine snob and he is impressed also. 

Thank you for a great product! 

Mrs. G   

Acton, CA


"Jeg fornemmede en helt klar forskel. Efter 30 min. på The Perfect Sommelier forekom vinen anderledes struktureret - mere harmonisk og med blødere frugt. Den lidt kantede syre var væk, og det bekom især eftersmagen godt." Kim Stendorf, vinKLUBBEN". 

Translation: "I experienced a distinct difference. After being exposed to The Perfect Sommelier for 30 min. the wine had a different structure - was more palatable with softer fruit. The hard tannins were gone which gave a much better aftertaste." Kim Stendorf, vinKLUBBEN".


hocus-pocus for the mouth. The Perfect Sommelier is very popular in USA and England and now CAB Import wants to take over Denmark with this magnet top which promises to age your wine in 30 minutes instead of the 2-3 years it normally takes in a wine cellar. The price is 495 kr. and CAB Import can inform you of the nearest retailer at www.perfectsommelier.dk or tel. 22271682.



About 2 years ago a friend of mine told me about this new invention that could age wine in 30 minutes.  It was called the Perfect Sommelier and he swore that it really worked.  He poured me 2 glasses of wine from the same bottle, one which had been "aged" by  the Perfect Sommelier and one that had not.  I did not know which glass was which and upon tasting I could really tell the difference.
 The Perfect Sommelier glass was much smoother and rounder but still bold and bright tasting.  The other glass was markedly hotter and young tasting.  Now I'm no Robert Parker as I'm sure you can tell by my lack of wine vocabulary but my appreciation of the juice significantly improved after having been introduced to the Perfect Sommelier.  It is now as important an accessory as my wine opener and I have given several of them as gifts. 
 I encourage anyone to try the Perfect Sommelier and share this great discovery with all your wine-loving friends.

Cheers John H.

 P.S. I particularly enjoy the Perfect Sommelier with modestly priced wines which increase in value after just 30 minutes.

Well, it was all you promised and more!  I left the bottle on the Sommelier until it was empty, and each glass was better than the last.  Can't tell you how impressed I am.........in fact, I'm making a list of people that I know will enjoy it and plan on taking one to England with me this spring.



Do Not Drink Wine Without This!
Since receiving the Perfect Sommelier as a gift, I have used it on Chardonnays, Chantis, Cabernets and even Port. It has never let me down! As a game we've done the "30 minute taste test" to see how well it rounds out the flavors with friends and they have always tasted a remarkable improvement.

Cindy T.

I don't believe in magic and I don't particularly believe in magnets.....(TPS) is a simple device made up of---of all things---magnets....wine aged by TPS had a smoother taste and a longer, more satisfying finish....truth is this simple procedure makes a good wine even better.

William Ph.D.



"I was concerned how could magnets age wine. I was thrilled to find what a wonderful taste the wine had 20 minutes later. The finish was lovely as well. I would highly recommend this product."
Steve R

Westminster, England

"I was a bit skeptical at first. I opened an Italian Red wine which was closed down and was so aggressive I wanted to throw the bottle away, but instead put the bottle on the product. About 40 minutes later I poured another glass and WOW it was incredible. I have already told about a dozen friends. Thanks"
Douglas K

 London, England


The Perfect Sommelier was a great Christmas gift for my father, in fact, the entire family enjoyed it so much.  We used several "young" wines from California that I get through my monthly wine club mailings and the difference was amazing.    We also tested some of my Father's wines with the same results.  We used my nephew as the "tester" since he isn't by choice a wine drinker and his critique was interesting, he thought the Perfect Sommelier was a "neat" thing.  I'm sold and intend to get a Perfect Sommelier for myself, I think it makes the perfect gift for the wine enthusiast.  Thanks so much for the product.



We were a bit apprehensive when we ordered The PF.  I cannot express the enjoyment that we have received from this great wine toy!!!!!

William R.
Las Vegas, NV
Industry Magazines                                                                                 

  I recently had the pleasure of trying out your "Perfect Sommelier". I have to admit that at first, I was a bit skeptical. I have seen many products that claim they can make wine taste better, but most are pretty ineffective. After using the product, I noticed a distinct improvement in the flavor of the wine. The tannins were much mellower, making the wine smoother and easier to drink.....Now I use it at home on almost every bottle I drink....You have a quality product that lives up to its claims. I'm sure that once the word gets out about the Perfect Sommelier, it will be a big hit with wine lovers everywhere.


Touring & Tasting Magazine


I ordered one as a gift for my father at Christmas. We tested it out
over the holidays with a bottle of Italian Merlot (I believe) and I was very
impressed with the results. The wine lost any bitter edge it might have had and tasted fuller and richer after just 45 minutes. Well done!


Vogue Magazine

"Have you heard about the Perfect Sommelier? Its fantastic!" So says Olivier Brizard who now stocks this interesting piece of equipment at perfectsommelier.com. It is like a magnetic coaster that matures wine in 1/2 an hour. "I couldn't believe it but after trying it at the Wine Fair in London I have to say its incredible, it really improves the wine enormously. I tried it by pouring a small glass of wine from a new bottle and then leaving the bottle on the perfect sommelier for 1/2 an hour: the wine maker of the wine used thought they were two different wines! The wine served before didn't have any aroma at all compared to the wine from the perfect sommelier: it was full of flavor and less tannic on the palate. "

Andy's Scribblings

Gift Buyers                                                                                                                   
The Perfect Sommelier was a very successful gift for my husband. We enjoy doing before-and-after blindfold tests and, though hardly experts, always sense improvement. 
We have even joked about a pocket-size coaster/lid P/S product for wine served by the glass in moderate restaurants.

Best of luck, 
Rae H 
Central Coast California                                                                                           
The product was for my brother and sister-in-law, however, according to them and two of their friends there was a remarkable difference in the wine after using it for 
20 minutes and even more of a difference after an hour. So they're quite pleased with "The Perfect Sommelier".

S. Moriarty
I was surprised at results received from your product.  I felt it must be a gimmick, but was persuaded to try it because of your published testimonial 
from an employee of the Wine club in Orange County--an establishment I frequent and respect.

We conducted several experiments with about dozen people using modestly priced 1997 Mouton Cadet.  In each instance a glass was poured first, the
bottle place on your product and an additional glass poured in 30 minutes. Without exception, each taster found the difference very obvious and


F. Bennett
Wine Lovers                                                                                                                 
What can I say except thank you for introducing me to my favorite household tool!  When you told me about it, I must admit I was skeptical, 
but then, I'm from the "show me" state.  Well, you showed me and I have not only used it, I've given sommeliers to about ten of my 
closest friends!

My husband and I have wine every night with dinner -we're strong believers in the old adage, a day without wine is a day without sunshine!  Now, thanks 
to our sommelier the wine is wonderful.  It is a rare bottle, indeed, that is not made immeasurably better by setting on that little throne, crowned 
for thirty minutes.

By the way, another advantage I didn't expect - the wine still tastes lovely 24 hours later.  I haven't used leftover wine for vinegar since I got the 

Thanks.  I feel privileged to be among the first out there to experience this wonderful new invention.

Simi Valley, CA
For 20 years I have been drinking different wines but have never been able to enjoy the Red Wines to their fullest until now! Recently a friend of mine had me over for dinner and was opening a bottle of wine which he said was sure I would enjoy "this time". It was 100% Cabernet. I'm thinking yeah right. We poured a small amount into each of our glasses, and then set the bottle into your Perfect Sommelier. Having tasted the wine in the first glass, I was stunned when we had our second glass! Didn't think it came from the same bottle!

Needless to say, the next day I grabbed the box from his house and went on the internet in search of my own Perfect Sommelier! Not only did I buy myself one, I own my own advertising agency and bought 20 for client Christmas gifts! I have already given one to a client and he was as thrilled as I am.

I am already to expand my wine collection once again thanks to you!


Annette P



Candidly, when my husband opened the gift on Christmas, he (and I) were a bit skeptical...it looked too easy! Christmas night he opened a fairly inexpensive 
bottle of wine, poured some in a glass, then put the PS to work.  About 45 minutes later he tried the first glass, then poured another.  He silently came in to where I 
was sitting, and offered me a taste of the first glass. I asked him, "did it work?", and he just told me to take a taste.  Ok, so I did. Then I tried the second glass.  
WOW!! WHAT a difference!!  It is truly amazing.

So in answer to your query, this is a fantastic invention.  We are more than pleased with the results, and are telling friends and family about it.
Best of luck in your endeavors.  And thank you for a wonderful invention!!

-Janet and Randy


Master Sommeliers/Master of Wine                                                   

Broadcast on November 8, 2001

"An aptly named product, The Perfect Sommelier is perfect!" 

"This will definitely make a difference for any bottle of wine, even the nonalcoholic wines will taste better!"

"Thanks for inventing something that’s pretty darn nice!"

"You need to find out how to get one for yourself. Because trust me the price will be going up because the popularity is so great!"

"You are not restricted in any way to any kind of wine. You can use red wine or white wine. It does its’ magic automatically!"

"A little piece of equipment that is very inexpensive; that you can use time after time, after time, after time and won’t cost you any more money!"

"It is incredible, I can certainly understand that. There is no question about it!!!"

Les Kincaid "The Voice of Food and Wine in Las Vegas

I just wanted you to know how excited we are about "the Perfect Sommelier". We have tested it on many different styles of wine in our sample room and fount it alters the taste, making the wines appear softer and more advanced. This will have obvious advantages for a consumer who has bought youthful, rather sharp wines. Thank you for sending me this miraculous wine accessory to try out.

Best wishes to you and Yours sincerely,

J H Brind MW

Head of Buying
Wine, Spirits and Beer


Wine Retailers                                                                                     

  My staff & I tried the Cabernet before and after using the Perfect Sommelier.  We tasted both bottles as soon as we opened them, and found no difference between them.  After re-corking one bottle with the original cork and the other with the stopper included with the perfect Sommelier.  I placed one bottle on the stand and waited 30 minutes.  I poured a glass from each bottle for myself & everyone on my staff, marking one glass but not telling them which glass was from which bottle.  The results were impossible to miss!  We UNANIMOUSLY preferred the wine "treated" by the Perfect Sommelier!  It was fuller, more rich and ripe tasting, and had developed more "dark fruit" flavors. 
Darrin S.

Sommelier, Wine Club President and Wine Shop Owner


I am reliably informed that "Sommelier" works - but my wife is going to wear it out because the wine tastes so good!!!

Yours faithfully,

Alex H. Falk
Managing Director



This is my second order, for a weekend place we have. I thought it was worth a shot. The difference it makes with red wine is quite dramatic.

Howard W.

Inland Valley California


Wine Clubs                                                                                          

I was very skeptical when first told of "The Perfect Sommelier", I thought, "How can a magnet help wine taste better?"  Reluctantly I decided to try it out and see if it actually enhanced the taste of wine.  Well to mine and about 10 other people in our store's surprise it worked.  "The Perfect Sommelier" far exceeded my expectations!  The difference was remarkable between non-enhanced wine and wine enhanced by "The Perfect Sommelier".  The non-enhanced wine (a wine that wasn't decanted or otherwise aerated) was closed down and tight with many rough edges.  The wine enhanced by "The Perfect Sommelier" was smooth and polished with seamless layers of flavor and a silky finish!  I believe this is a sensational product for the wine industry or any wine lover.  "The Perfect Sommelier" is a great alternative to expensive decanters.  I highly recommend "The Perfect Sommelier".

Santa Ana, CA

"I got the Perfect Sommelier and tried it on 4 different wines and to my surprise I really can tell a difference in both the nose and the taste. It's really good! I'll be talking to my friends over the holiday.




I have worked in the restaurant and wine business for over forty, (40) years.  There have been many occasions when other people in this industry have given me various "gadgets" to try out.

Recently I received a product called "The Perfect Sommelier".  At first glance, I was skeptical, but decided to try the product anyway.  I was pleasantly surprised.  "The Perfect Sommelier" was extremely effective.  It seemed to truly take away the acidity of the wine.

My compliments to your discovery!  From now on, not only will I use "The Perfect Sommelier", I will be sure to recommend it to all my associates in this industry.

Thank you again for introducing me to this marvelous gadget!  Bravo!


Restaurant Manager



  "The Perfect Sommelier" is just what the doctor ordered.  It assists in helping to appreciate wine, it helps the aroma, and it gives the wine a fuller body.  It is less acid, more mellow and enhances the flavor, and all in 30 minutes!

I tried "The Perfect Sommelier" with wine out of my simple affordable wine cellar, and sure enough after trying it, the wine changed into a mellow and enjoyable wine.  My wife and I recommend it highly to all wine enthusiasts.

Always remember
Cooking and Enjoying Wine
Is an Art
A Science
And Sharing

Fritz Sonnenschmidt, CMC

National Chair
American Academy of Chefs

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