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Bill and Sharlane Clattenburg receiving the Reserve National Breeding Mare award for *MD Doncella, ridden by Zoilo Sifuentes. *MD Doncella has also been Champion Halter Mare, Champion of Champions Performance Horse, U.S. National Champion Jr. Exhibitor Horse, Champion Breeding Mare, Champion of Champions Breeding Mare.

Docella w/ Zoilo Sifuentez

*MD Doncella


Our commitment to the Peruvian breed is to preserve type with refinement, soundness, and effortless locked in smooth gait.

We believe a Peruvian horse is to be balanced with equal leg to girth measurement, strong straight legs with proper angles in the fetlock and hocks. The horse should have a long sloping shoulder, high set neck, short back, and a long sloping croup with a low set "clamped tail". The head is what you pet, feed, and bridle, so it should be pretty, with soft expressive eyes. You will find this type horse at Clattenburg Peruvian Ranch.


 Meet Our Breeding Stallions

*AV Testimonio and RDLP Opalo Del Valle

*AV Testimonio

SHOW RECORD - National Champion Breeding Stallion of Central America

Stud Fee: $1500.00







*AV Testimonio was bred by Anibal Vasquez M. of Peru. Sire: AV Sol De Paijan, Laureado National Champion-Peru. Dam: AV La Chefe, 2x National Champion-Peru. Her Dam is AV Ximena, Laureado National Champion-Peru.

*AV Testimonio was purchased as a 4yr old by Samuel Kontorovsky and imported to Honduras. He was shown one time earning the title of National Champion Breeding Stallion of Central America.

*AV Testimonio is all that a Peruvian Horse should be. Totally natural. No special riding or rider is needed to have a "champion" ride. An amateur can ride him and have the same collection, drive, headset and perfectly cadenced gait at any speed. The icing is that he was bred to produce the same!!! Anibal Vasquez signified this by naming him TESTIMONIO. With his sire, dam, and grandparents being National Champions, there was no doubt that Testimonio would be one too.

Opalo n me 
RDLP Opalo Del Valle


+ Perfect Pisos +
+ Excellent Conformation + Strength +
+ Full Balanced Body +
+ Gorgeous Head and Neck + Size +
+ Intelligent and Willing + Gentle with Brio +


Stud Fee: $1000.00

 "An Opal brings good luck and fortune to those who possess one".

Opalo Head shot

     *Hercules Carmelo
   Principe De La Solana    
    *Ingrata Sol De Oro V
Valle Del Nazca
The Pedigree of
RDLP Opalo Del Valle
    *HNS Aureo Orovilc
  RDLP Joya Real      
    *Canetana De Nana  AEV Regional+

RDLP Opalo Del Valle, "Opalo," executes "Perfect Pisos" while free in his pasture!

He is beautiful by anyone's standards, with strong correct conformation and colored gold with abundant white mane and tail. Opalo's quality has been proven in the show ring. At his young age his wins include halter, bozal and zootechnico on the regional and national levels.

Now Opalo's first foals are proving him as a prepotent sire -- beautiful, correct and effortless gait.

A stallion should be judged by the quality of mares he is bred to. You are welcome to inspect the quality and condition of the horses at Clattenburg Peruvian Ranch. It is possible you will find the horse you have been looking for....... some are even wrapped in GOLD! 

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