Color and Genetics Discussion

A discussion, question and answer series were presented during recent discussion on color and genetics between Peruvian Horse owners and breeders. It has now been placed here for your enjoyment and with the hope you may find the answer to a color question you have.

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These are some sites and books that hopefully will answer other of your questions.

References and Books for your reading

"Horse Color" by Dr. Phillip Sponenberg
Published by Iowa State University Press.

"The Color of Horses" by Dr. Ben K. Green
Published by Northland Press

"Equine Genetics & Selection Procedures"
Equine Research Publications, Dallas, TX.
(this book covers such topics as coat color & texture; heredity & gaits; breed improvement through
applied genetics; the laws of probability, etc.)

Unusual Equine Colors"
Interesting site with photos of horses with unsusual coat coloration.


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